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• Vocal technique • Singing voice, speaking voice •

• Work on the body & the mind •

• Auditions preparation • All registers • All styles & all levels • 



Do I have to have a specific level before booking a lesson?

No, beginners are more than welcome!

Do I have to book a precise number o lessons? Do the sessions have to be on a regular basis?


No, you can book the lessons at your own pace and depending on your availabilities. Also, note that a regular practice, even if the lesson only lasts 30 minutes, will help you to improve faster, because it will be easier for your brain to assimilate the new good vocal habits

How much notice should I have to provide if I need to cancel a lesson?

If you can't come to the lesson, please give me a 24h notice. After this, unfortunately you will have to pay for the class.

However, you will have the possibility to do an "email session" instead : you will record yourself singing a song or an exercise and send me the recording. After this, I suggest some tips, interpretations ideas and corrections or exercises. We can work like this for a couple of emails, until the next session. It will help you to not lose what you would have (l)earned during the previous classes.