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• Vocal technique • Singing voice, speaking voice •

• Work on the body & the mind •

• Auditions preparation • All registers • All styles & all levels • 

Curriculum Vitae

• IVTOM Accredited Teacher (IVTOM is a professional organization for voice teachers. It is a great network with ENTs, voice scientists, speech pathologists... The certification, obtained after passing the exam, proves the level of the teacher, his/her efficiency, pedagogical abilities, physiologic knowlegde. The teachers are updated on the new discoveries in the voice's world.) 


• FLOW Phonation trained teacher (Organization of voice professionals providing regular and up-to-date teaching on techniques for healthy singing


• Students from France, Canada, USA, Ireland and United Kingdom


• Teacher in Montpellier, France


• Teacher in Vancouver, Canada


• Organisation of the Vancouver Vocal Contest, singing competition. More details here. 


• Trained by Cecile LaRochelle (Canada) and Keri Hughes (Utah, USA) for IVTOM


• Gold Medal at the "Recital Certificate Programme" (singing certification of classical singing and musical theater style) at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Ireland


• Teacher in Waterford, Ireland


• Trained by Valerie Leahy, classical singer (Ireland)


• Breakthrough Singing Workshop with Mick & Tess Pulver (Florida, USA)


• In charge of drama and singing classes, on the theme "Creating a musical"


• Musical theater classes


• Private lessons 


• Choir

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Vancouver Vocal Contest 2019 - Information video

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